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Skilled Talents

Are you a Social Enterprise? Get matched with skilled volunteers for the right job.

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Inspired to create real change in society? Use your knowledge and skills for the greater good.

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A Platform For Every Social Cause

No matter what social cause you are involved in or where your passion lies, Vector can help you match the right talent to the right job.

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Deepen Your Impact By Engaging
Skilled Talents

Get matched to talented people who have the right skills and are genuinely interested to support the cause your organisation is involved in.

Utilize Your Skills to Contribute on
Projects that Matches your Passion

Interested in helping out? Vector connects you to exciting work opportunities with social enterprises that best match your interests and skills. Gain a proven track record of experience that help build your portfolio for future opportunities.

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Vector is free to trial. Simply submit your email to request for a beta test of our App. Let us know how you like it, or if you are interested to collaborate with us.

We are excited to share with you the first and upcoming platform that connects individuals to social enterprises for capacity building and sustainable impact.

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